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What is a Chinese Calligraphy Signature?

    Western calligraphy uses pens (or quills and ink). 

    Unlike this, the art of Chinese calligraphy uses brushes and ink

    These brushes are not the same as Western paint brushes. But they are the same brushes used for traditional Chinese art.

    Do Chinese people have pen signatures?

    Yes, Chinese people have signatures that they make with pens. These are similar to signatures used in many other places around the world – i.e., people writing their own name very quickly in a unique way.

    These signatures are used for all kinds of formal documents. But they are made using pens, not calligraphy brushes.

    What are Chinese signatures in calligraphy?

    In Western painting, artists often simply add their signature to a painting with a paintbrush. 

    In Chinese calligraphy, signatures are added using unique seals.

    What is a Chinese calligraphy seal?

    A Chinese seal is a traditional stamp used to imprint a signature or decorative symbol completed work of art – a piece of calligraphy, a painting, a vase, etc.

    Seal engraving, which dates back to the Shang Dynasty (1600– 1046 BC), requires the use of special tools, is seen as an art in itself. 

    A lot of thought goes into the design, which can be very intricate and imbued with meaning and symbolism. It is, after all, the artist’s signature. 

    They are characters in formal seal script that have been carved onto wood or other materials. The engraving will be in reverse so that it shows up the correct way once stamped.

    What is seal script?

    Seals are not to be confused with seal script, which is the most formal (and traditional) form of Chinese calligraphy. However, seals do often use seal script, hence their name.